FOR Adobe Premiere Pro CC upto 2015.2 & FCPX see here


Of course the DELUTS. cube LUTS can be used natively within many applications but with Adobe apps especially on the Mac the Luts need to be in a certain folder to function correctly.



All packs have been updated. Please re-download your sets.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3


If you are staying on a version of Premiere 2015 below version 2015.3 then use the normal installer supplied and marked on the downloaded set.


Please read before installing.


Adobe have updated CC applications and Adobe Premiere CC 2015.3 and have slightly changed the way LUTs load into Premiere. Instead of loading the LUT .looks files that I created as a MAC installer and a Manual installer on PC you now can easily add the .cube files to the Creative Luts folder.


Please re-download your packs from Sellfy using the same download link you were first given from Sellfy.


Once downloaded please follow below.


MAC: Adobe Premiere Pro Navigate to the Adobe Premiere Pro CC and right click or Control click and select ‘Show Package Contents’ Open folder called ‘Contents’ then ‘Lumetri’ and then ‘LUTs’ and then finally open the ‘Creative’ or ‘Technical’. Place instructed .cube files or folders into specified folders found with in the DELUTS download. Normally marked ‘Adobe Installers’.


Macintosh HD/Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3/Adobe Premiere Pro CC


or from the Finder as a shortcut click ‘Go to Folder’ (Apple, Shift G) and paste in for ‘Creative’


/Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3/Adobe Premiere Pro CC


and then for ‘Technical’


/Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3/Adobe Premiere Pro CC


This will take you to the correct locations.


If you send projects to Adobe Media Encoder or After Effects then you will need to do the same with that application. The ‘Creative’ and ‘Technical’ folders of Adobe Media Encoder and Adobe Premiere should always match to get the selected look on render. Example of folder structure.


/Applications/Adobe After Effects CC 2015.3/Adobe After Effects CC


/Applications/Adobe After Effects CC 2015.3/Adobe After Effects CC


You can also use DELUTS in Adobe Photoshop. You can find them in Adjustments/Color Lookup/3DLUT File dropdown list.


/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5/Presets/3DLUTs





PC: For PC generally speaking locate your ‘Adobe’ folder in ‘Program Files’ and open the ‘Creative’ or ‘Technical’.

Place instructed .cube files or folders into specified folders found with in the DELUTS download. Normally marked ‘Adobe Installers’.



C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3\Lumetri\LUTs\Creative


C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3\Lumetri\LUTs\Technical


Same applies for Adobe Media Encoder/ After Effects and Photoshop (see MAC above for reference).


Note: Please restart any Adobe applications after adding LUTS.


PLEASE READ: As ever please don't upgrade if you are part way through a project. And note down what looks and Luts you used in the sequence as I always suggest.  Opening a previous project will loose the link to that particular LUT so its very important that you manually add a lut once you have made a choice on what to use through the quick browser.  Its always a safe way to archive and deliver projects like this anyway.


Additionally please remember with Premiere Pro CC 2015 on Mac or PC, Adobe Looks from the speed dropdown menu within the Creative section of Lumetri colour window display and function in slot allocation. Installation of any additional 3rd party Looks will change the order of the dropdown menu in alphabetical order. This may effect the ‘look’ you have on open Projects. Or when reopening projects. If you come across this issue please remove the last installed set of looks, restart Premiere and note the Looks used in the project.


(This doesn't effect LUTs that have been manually loaded into Lumetri)


Looks and LUTS are installed into Adobe Media Encoder / Adobe After Effects much the same way as Premiere. The contents of Lumetri within these applications must be identical if you are using AME to export from. Otherwise you will not have the same matching settings with in your project. (this is a side effect from using the quick looks. Loading .cube files manually will not have this problem on export. Please check before exporting your project that this is the case. You can copy the contents of the installed DELUTS between Premiere and AME if need be.


Please contact support

if you need any help.



Basic LUT adjustment guide  in Adobe Premiere CC using the in-built Lumetri plug-in and DELUTS LUTS.


Basic LUT adjustment guide  in Apple FCPX using the a 3rd party LUT loader plug-in and DeLuts 3DLUTS.

DELUTs - HYDE PARK LUT (Part of the Sony Set)