GH4 CINE-D 5600k Quick1Lut

GH4 CINE-D 5600k Quick2Lut

GH4 CINE-D 5600k Quick3Lut

GH4 CINE-D 5600k Quick4Lut

GH4 CINE-D 5600k Quick6Lut

GH4 CINE-D 4000k Quick5Lut

GH4 CINE-D 5600k LOGLut

GH4 CINE-D 5600k Quick1Lut Faded

GH4 Cine-V 5600k LogLut

GH4 Cine-V 5600k QuickLut

GH4 Cine-D Avocado - Just for FUN


GH4 Set to Cine D profile with -5 Sharpness & -5 NR (-0 NR is fine on nearly everything though)

Supplied is a Cine D to Fake Log, this allow more straight forward control of other LUTs used over the top of Cine D profile. Added into the profile is also Skin Tone correction, as its very easy at 5,600k with default Cine D setting to make the skin tones orange.


There is also a single base set ‘Quick LUT’ of Cine V and the Fake Log conversion.


In the up and coming version of Premiere CC there will be a dedicated colour control area. Utilising this you can add the Log conversion to the input and 3rd Party LUT’s to creative section. Giving much more speed and control over White Balance and exposure.